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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Style Inspiration: M.I.A

I have always admired M.I.A, from her strong beliefs to her stunning voice but what I love about her the most is her style.  Simply put, it is eccentric yet chic and modern; all at the same time.  Of course only M.I.A could manage to pull that off.  Not to mention how beautiful she is, can you believe that she is 38 years old?  She doesn't look a day over 21, blessed she is!  Seeing her in person has just made me love her even more.  How many people can say they sung Bucky Done Gun with M.I.A herself?  Hopefully you can!  Although if you cannot, I definitely recommend seeing her live.  I am convinced that my obsession to gold developed from her.  Here are some of her looks from over the past years that I love love love!

 source: Carrie Musgrave

 *all pictures are from Getty Images unless specified otherwise
 source: Pacific Coast News

  source: Famous Fly Net

 I just love her! (Just in case you never knew already)

Do you love M.I.A as much as I do?  Which celebrity inspires you most in terms of style? 

Priya xoxo
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