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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Change Part Two

Sometimes I spend hours thinking of a new blog name as my current one just doesn't seem to 'stick' and in the moment I wasn't thinking of it; I found the perfect name.  Welcome to my blog Kaur of Style.  Kaur is my middle name, it means Princess/Lioness and represents that I am independent and equal to every human being no matter their race, size, sexuality or any difference for that matter.  A homophone of Kaur is core where the literal meaning is "the basic or most important part; the essence."  This blog will include everything from style posts to lifestyle posts and everything in between.  I finally feel as if I have found the perfect match and can only hope that you enjoy the future of my blog as much as I will enjoy creating it.

Priya xoxo


Fathima said...

i LOVE your style and i LOVE your blog..I cant believe that you have been around since 2009 and I havent run into your blog..

But the reason why I think I was so drawn to your blog was handsdown the name..I was just looking at your blogger profile..and saw your name and i was like.."huh..Cool name,cool kinda kudi then.."

Keep In touch..!!

And create more posts..
You are sense of fashion deserves more posts..
P.S...i am a fitness lover too..!!

Kaur of Style said...

@Fathima, thank you so much for your kind comment! I'm overjoyed that you love my style and posts! I recently started blogging again, that may be the reason why you have never come across my blog. I just finished school so expect more posts, more often :) If you have any requests or just want to talk you can e-mail me at .
Priya xoxo

Karishma said...

Even I came across your profile in a CZ's comment section and I thought the name was cool, hence I checked it. You have got a nice blog here hun.. :)

Kaur of Style said...

Thank you Karishma, means a lot :)

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