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Thursday, March 10, 2011

*I wrote this on Tuesday*
I haven't went shopping in a very long time.  Since I got great marks first semester at school, I'm gonna treat myself to a little shopping spree!  Last time I went to Forever21 I hated all the clothing that they had, it was all repetitive clothing that I've seen other places.  But today, they released 2000 new items! Yes, you read that right TWO THOUSAND new items.  As I write this out, they're adding more new items!  I have fallen in love with many of the items and I've decided to post them on here as a part of my wish list!  I know I can't wait for spring/summer to arrive and for the snow to go back to the Arctic!  & I can't wait till next week when I go shopping!  I won't do a haul post, but I will use the items for future OOTD's (duh!).  On to my post! Enjoy :)
(click on the stores name to see the product!)

I really want a taupe/nude dress! This one is from Forever 21

I can already picture so many outfits with this dress! Forever 21

I love dresses that show off my back, what can I say, I love my back. :)
This is from Forever 21

If this dress had been out around the time of my semi formal, I would've worn this!  Forever 21

-G xox

Monday, March 7, 2011

These are some outfits/dresses that I have really adored.  Some are street fashion, and some are from the Oscars!  I will try to do this often :)

Halle Berry
Cate Blanchett
Emma Roberts
Jessica Stam
Kylie Jenner
Mandy Moore

Mila Kunis
Natalie Portman
 Taylor Swift 
 Miley Cyrus- I usually don't like Miley Cyrus' street style, but i'm feeling this outfit :)

    Who are your personal favorites?  Whos outfit did you like or not like?  I'd love to hear your feedback!
-G xox
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